Da spy is confused and depressed. Is he a hoggorm, he thought and scratched
his mustasch. Captain Black, the mysterious sailorman who taught
him to spot potential victims, told him that boble is a car. He
awaited this girl but can't remember what happened
the day she arrived because of the grøftefyll. She
said something about a global killer, and that
we are all doomed.

He felt great pleasure upon recieving this
information. Could it really be true?
Was the world coming to an end?
Or maybe it was just a rebirth?

Was her mind distorted? Was she his
very own metal mama from Asia,
or just another jumpin' jesus? Did she
like synthrock or was she more of a
metal sonata
kind of girl. And
the most important question:
Does she know that I have a cold?

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